11 September 2005

postdoctoral fellowship deadlines (uk applicant) [url]

Hi, I've added to the list and posted to my bookmarks. -cheers, marK


- Helen Hay Whitney Foundation (http://www.hhwf.org): July 15

- Life Sciences Research Foundation (www.lsrf.org): October 1st

- GWIS Grants and Fellowships (http://www.gwis.org/grants/Gerry.htm)
Is this only for graduates?: December 1st

- Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund (www.jccfund.org): February 1st

- Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation (www.drcrf.org): March 15th

- 1851 Royal Commission (www.royalcommission1851.org.uk): Feb 1st

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