11 September 2005

Image of heat shield tiles on the shuttle (from nytimes.com)

Nice alignment of buildings (from nytimes.com)




Hopper Image

05 September 2005

3 Hopper Pictures (with Nighthawks at the bottom)

04 September 2005

Different types of Smilies

One CPS. then and now, and now's it gone as well!

The crashing of a power company. (An economist.com image of the Enron situation.)

Different ethnicities in one face

Looking over the horizon. (Image from swissre.com ad.)

Image of Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof from nytimes.com (AP photo)

Adapted from an ad for Orchid.com. Wish I had such flexibile muscles.

Shows an interesting morph from a bottle into a phone.

Cover of an Airline Magazine; Liked Patterning

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